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  • Lisa M. Dufek (REP, REF)

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    Joseph A. Guidarelli (CON, REP, REF, GRN) Business Owner / Operator

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    Rachel Rappazzo (DEM, IND, WOR, WEP) Attorney

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    Stephen M. Signore (CON, DEM, IND, WOR, WEP, GRN) Head of the Schenectady County Public Defender's Office

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How has your background and experience prepared you for this position.

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Education Schalmont High School Graduate - 1980 SCCC - Completed coursework towards Accounting and Business Management.
Experience PROFORMA LEE'S - Schenectady, NY Active Participating Business Owner/Operator. Jan 2007 – Present Responsible for managing all aspects of operating a small New York State business including financial, legal, managerial, sales and service. LEE'S TROPHIES, INC. - Schenectady, NY President, Jan 1989 – Dec 2007 Managed all aspects a 20 plus person retail production company including a sales force. Implemented a strategic plan and joined as a partner with one of the leading national companies that provides integrated services to clients. SAY IT WITH SHIRTS LLC - Schenectady, NY President, Jan 2001 – Present Created and developed an internet based retail T-shirt company that provides contributions to organizations. Manage website, products and daily operation to ensure customers' needs are met in a timely and professional manner. Political Experience 2005 - present Schenectady County Conservative Party – Executive Board Member 2006 – Served on the Rotterdam Town Board 1993, 1995, 1999, 2003 Volunteer for Peter J. Guidarelli Election Campaigns.
Important issues would be sustaining and updating town services without raising taxes and fees to residents. As a board we should gather information from department heads and with them determine how to operate more efficiently and how to share services & resources among departments. We must use the same practices businesses operate under every day! A good example would be combining duties of Receiver of Taxes into the Town Clerk office. The benefits - we remove an elected position, save the salary & benefit package and look at less campaign signs.

Update the comprehensive plan, building and zoning codes to better address today's transient life styles and housing markets. More home owners are renting their homes and even individual rooms to multiple tenants for short term and longer periods of time. Most important is Public Safety, and code enforcement. We as a board encourage the police department. & code enforcement office to work closely together with regularly scheduled meetings.
My background being - raised in Rotterdam and raising a family of 3 in Rotterdam, married 34 years to a very tolerant woman, and owning/operating a small business for 30 plus years. Growing up and living here has prepared me for town board as I know first hand how our town was when I was young and how we made it to where we are today. My personal life and marriage taught me to give and take and compromise when working with others toward a common goal. My professional career as a Business owner has taught me nothing is predictable and everything is ever changing based on a current economy, markets and trends. This also helped prepare me as I have very good people skills and am comfortable communicating with others regardless of how uncomfortable a situation may be. I have much experience as a trouble shooter and problem solver and learned with good dialogue and counsel of others how to implement solutions that ultimately enable us to improve, stay competitive and continue in business.
Education Bachelor degree in psychology Doctorate of Law JD
Experience Managing Partner at Rappazzo & Bauscher PLLC Formerly residential counselor for at Risk Youth at Vanderhyden Hall and Parson's Child and Family Center
We must upgrade our Town website to be more interactive & create a way for anyone who wants to be notified about an upcoming matter before our Town to receive an email or text blast. I will work collaboratively with Board Members & Department Heads to find ways to keep costs within our Town budget while ensuring we maintain our road, sewer & water infrastructure. I will advocate for zoning that complements our neighborhoods by working with our business community & residents towards a plan for proper residential, industrial, & commercial zoning. Access to medical services & senior housing is a priority, specifically, the Whispering Pines Senior Housing, Memory Care, & Assisted Living project, which I support. We need a town park in Western Rotterdam to provide residents with an area for sporting events & family activities. Going door to door in town I meet business owners & residents who also care deeply for our Town as I do. You can trust that I will be a voice for everyone. Thank you
I'm most proud of being a wife and mother who actively supports Rotterdam's community events. I've served as a Board Member of Rotterdam Pop Warner and I am an attorney practicing in Rotterdam and Schenectady. My experience as an attorney has trained me to look at complex issues and deal with those issues in a calm, informed, and organized manner - then use the facts before me to determine how to best serve my client. If elected to the Town Board, the residents of our Town would be my clients as well. I will work for you and make educated decisions that best serve the well-being of everyone in Rotterdam. Prior to being an attorney, I was a residential counselor at two facilities that housed at-risk youth. In the field of counseling, I learned how to listen to people and help them with their problems. The skill of listening, then researching or educating myself on an issue or case is vital in my field & I promise to act on behalf of the best interests of the taxpayers and the Town.
Education Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering, and a Juris Doctorate Degree in Law.
Experience Nearly 27 years of practicing law for both the County of Schenectady and privately
One important issue I would be facing is how to dedicatedly serve the people of Rotterdam while also demonstrating fiscal responsibility. Since I will be working with people already in office for a number of years who share the same issue, I would seek their guidance, wisdom and experience and temper it with my own judgement as to what I feel is fair and proper for the citizens of Rotterdam.

The second issue I see, is working to improve the infra structure of Rotterdam which over time has been slowly decaying to a point where what is place now will likely be obsolete if not repaired or replaced. The idea of course is to be proactive and not reactive to the situation, such that there is no need to wait for something cataclysmic to happen before the problem is rectified.

Lastly, I face the issue of advancing Rotterdam's position on the technology front. With solar power rapidly evolving I feel it is imperative for Rotterdam to jump on board the quest to become more green.
I head the Schenectady County Public Defender's office. I presently oversee 14 attorneys and 7 support staff. I was the head of the Schenectady County Conflict Defender's office before that where I oversaw 5 attorneys and 2 support staff. Those two jobs taught me managerial skills including hiring and firing, working within fiscal constraints, planning an office budget, directing others and making decision that impact the clients, the staff and other people working within the County of Schenectady. I have also learned that there are people to whom I, as a public servant, am responsible. I have learned to take direction and well as give it, so that one of the most vital departments of the County can run efficiently and the rights of those we serve are protected. All theses elements taken collectively has given me a solid basis upon which to proceed in the event I am elected. This foundation I believe will contribute to me effectively serving my hometown. logo


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