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Detroit City Council District 6

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    Tyrone Carter Retired Law Enforcement Executive

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    Raquel Castaneda-Lopez District 6 Councilwoman

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Education Bachelors Business Management -Central Michigan University
Occupation/current position Consultant/Business Owner
I have over 27 years of law enforcement experience, 15 years in supervision, over 15 years of elected union advocacy. I have been the President of my community organization for the past 8 years, and a Mentor/Coach for the summer youth program with Ameircorps at Wayne State. I also and the co-owner of a security company employing over 60 people. I am running for the position because I am can provide the district with the advocacy and leadership that we need and deserve.
Safety. So many other issues are related to safety, people moving out of the city, the cost of insurance is based on crime (safety), dangerous pets, etc. The council has to make the safety of every resident a priority. Before I take action(s), I would first want to see what is in place, what is being planned, and the costs associated with these items. For example, the "Green Light" program has been very positive, and should to be expanded. I would research other cities to see what strategies have been successful and create pilot areas in similar communities in the district to see if it is creates the desired outcomes for the residents.
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Education Bachelor's of Social Work from the University of Montana. Master’s Degree in Social Work from the University of Michigan.
Occupation/current position District 6 Councilwoman
I take pride in being a lifelong Detroiter, a social worker and having over ten years of experience in both the education and non-profit sectors. However, my most important qualification stems from having canvassed the entire district multiple times. Through this experience, I have gained an understanding of the individual and collective challenges of the neighborhoods.

City council members have a social responsibility to build a more inclusive democracy and I believe I can fulfill this responsibility. My approach is to bring information and resources to the community. This demystifies the political process while teaching residents how to be their own champions. I’m running for re-election to continue to facilitate residents’ access to information, facilitate inclusive community-driven development and support neighborhood capacity building.
The diversity of issues within the city is its strength and greatest challenge. While the needs of each community are unique, many face similar challenges in terms of feeling excluded in the City’s revitalization. The disparity of service delivery, investment, and development between neighborhoods is stark.

My office has worked to push the conversation forward around community benefits, equitable development and investment in neighborhoods not slated for any plans or investment. To address the disparity that exists, we train and connect neighborhood leaders from across the District to share best practices, create their own community plans and attract new development. In addition, the legislation I have worked on, and will continue to implement, removes barriers and improves the public health and quality of life for all Detroiters. logo


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