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Detroit City Mayor

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    Mike Duggan Mayor of the City of Detroit

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    Coleman A. Young II State Senator - 1st District

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Education The University of Michigan Bachelor of Arts/ The University of Michigan Juris Doctorate
Occupation/current position Mayor of the City of Detroit
Since becoming Mayor in 2014, we have installed 65,000 new streetlights, demolished 12,000 abandoned houses, sold 8,100 side lots to Detroit homeowners, and lowered emergency response times to meet the national standard. In 2016 alone, 11,000 more Detroiters found employment compared to the year before. We exceeded our goal for youth employment through the City's summer jobs program, employing 8,157 young Detroiters. We expanded the Detroit Department of Transportation bus routes and improved bus reliability, helping our citizens reach employers across our city. Coming out of bankruptcy, we have balance the budget each of the last 3 years. Prior to my election as Mayor, I served as CEO of the Detroit Medical Center, taking over when the system lost nearly $500 million over the previous 5 years. Under my leadership, the DMC made a profit in his 1st year, as well as throughout my tenure.
Car insurance remains much too high. We need state legislature to reform no-fault law to eliminate the rate gouging from a small group of lawyers and medical providers. We have worked to create bipartisan support to introduce a bill in Lansing that would reduce car insurance premiums by at least 20% for Detroiters.

We’ve lowered the unemployment rate to the lowest rate in 16 years, but it’s still far too high. We created the Detroit At Work program and I’m committed to creating more opportunities for Detroiters. The new Detroit at Work Program is preparing Detroiters for job training opportunities across a wide range of growing sectors including construction, healthcare, manufacturing, and IT for the jobs that are available now.
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Education Majored in Pastoring and Drama at Azusa Pacific University, Azusa, CA. Completed 3 years. Coursework at Wayne State University.
Occupation/current position State Senator - 1st District
I want to be Mayor so that we can provide jobs, opportunities, secure and developing neighborhoods for ALL Detroiters.

I want to be Mayor of Detroit, because in a time when we have 48% of Detroit’s population living in poverty, we can do better. With all the billions of dollars that are flowing through downtown the Neighborhoods and the Detroiters who live there have been forgotten. I am running for Mayor because we need to have schools for our children so they do not have to walk an average of 3.4 – 4 miles to get to their neighborhood school.

We need rapid public transportation that goes more than 3 miles and helps our residents get from where they live to where they need to go. We need to bring Detroit into the 21st century with technology and creative thinking, caring professionals who will work for the citizens and not bid-rig or collude and then, admit that on network TV.
First and foremost, the perspective and philosophy I have and so would my staff, is not what are the "priority issues facing the Mayor's Office" but what are the priority services that are needed for our citizens and then, my administration's issues.

My Plan for Detroit has the following headings: Constitutional Breaches, Crime/Security, Auto Insurance Reform, Education/Literacy/Transformative Leadership, Entrepreneurs & Economic Development, Transportation Innovation & DDOT, Environmental Issues, Blight/Aesthetics, Health Care, Homelessness, and Poverty. These are the priorities that are necessary to bring our city back to the shining jewel on the strait for ALL Detroiters, regardless of where they live. The difference between services in our neighborhoods and downtown and midtown is discriminatory on its face. Let us Unite our City in a more equitable way for ALL Detroiters. logo


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